Leigh Newlands :

It was incredible and we all left feeling very empowered, and more confident should we ever be in such a situation. Thank you to you and the team for coming through to our offices so early on a Saturday.

The team is still raving about it (in between the bruises and stiffness).

Leon Lamprecht:

I am involved in various neighborhood watches, doing patrols often, the 10 week course really prepared me for situations that might come my way. Having no other experience, this was an easy to learn and very well presented course, I would highly recommend this very well worth it.

Ilze van der Merwe:

I attended the One Day Survival Course today. And it was a great experience. Having Karate experience for 25 years, I still learned a lot this morning. We are trained in a set up scenario, and self-defense is made up of an uncontrolled, element of surprise scenario. This course comes highly recommended for Men and Woman. Thank you Jarques Müller for the great course. It is presented in such a way that everyone can understand and execute the movements.

Letitia Muller:

Dankie JP ons het so baie geleer. Sal die self verdedigingsklas vir almal aanbeveel.


I did the 10 week self defense course. I will recommend this to any and everyone. Old and Young. You never know when you will become a victim. It gives you simple techniques to use in pressured situations, in turn giving you a confidence boost to actually defend yourself when you get into a real situation and not just let the culprits do as they please.

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