JP started to develop his self-defense skills already in 1979 when he started Amateur Wrestling and after a few years joined the local boxing club. In 1983, he also started to train in Shotokan Karate while boxing, he still today participates in karate and achieved Full Honour Northern Free State Provisional Colours in 1989. During his life, he also cross trained in other various martial arts like Gojo-Ruy, Judo, Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In his schooling years, he was also a very active sportsman playing 1st team rugby, athletics and cross-country. He was also part of the senior military drill battalion for 3 years. In 1989, he joined the South African Police Force and represents the SA Police in boxing, rugby and athletics.

In his 10 years active service in the SA Police, he was first transferred to the Riot Unit 8 in Pietermaritzburg, he was then transferred to Special Guard Unit in Cape Town, then joined Cape Town Detectives and then transferred to Woodstock Detective Branch as a Detective Warrant Officer.

JP Müller currently holds a black belt in karate and also the founder and owner of Brackenfell Shotokan Karate Academy. JP is still active in competing in local, national and international championships. JP also competes in Practical Shooting (IPSC & IDPA). He also enjoys golf, hunting and fishing. 

JP is a family man married to his wife Amelia and they have two beautiful daughters Ingè and Anjè. He believes a family foundation must be built on religion, education and sport.